jueves, 14 de junio de 2007

Bye Bye until next year

This is the end of the year and I would like you to answer some easy questions about the English subject and the English teacher:

1. Did you learn new things? Which?

2. Did you have a good relationship with the teacher?

3. Did you study enough English? Why?

4. Advice to improve the English class?

5. What are you going to do next year?

6. More comments.

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Cristina Gallego 3ºA dijo...

1.- Yes, the pasat simple, the present continuos, vocabulary...

2.- Yes,because he is good person.

3.- Yes, because I like english very much.

4.- Speak more english.

5.- I am going to study 4º de science.

6.- I think that we have learnt a lot, I want to have a nine.!!!!

Estrella Serqueira 3º A dijo...

1.Yes,I learn vocabulary,suggestions,present perfec simple,will and going to,adverbs of frecuency...
2.Yes.the teacher is very simpatique.
3.No,but Iam very goog student.
4.A book easier.
5.I estudent letres.
6.This year mi to seemed difficult.

María Gutierrez & María Vega 3º A dijo...

1.Yes,the past simple,vocabulary,past continuous,pressent simple, the zero condicional and will and going to.
2.yes. I did.The teachert is very friendly.
3.No,but we are a very good student.
4.we are a book easier.
5.Maria.G estudent language and Maria.V estudent science.
6.We think that this year to been difficult.

Anónimo dijo...
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3.No because is very difficult and we don't study
4.We cant more writing in the blackboard.
5.Lorena and Maria study and Sara has proffesional module

6.The teaCher is very teaCher and has teacher new year

Diego García y Miguel Angel González 3º A dijo...

1. Yes, we have learn very new things; present perfect, vocabulary, adjectives forms...
2. 50-50, the teacher is good person and better teacher.
3. Yes, we study enough for pass. And the next year we should study more.
4. Change to Miguel Angel to other position. And pay attention more.
5. Diego: Sciences and technology.
Miguel Angel: He don't knows.

Julia Loro y Marina Gonzalez 3º A dijo...

1.- Yes,we have learnt the present perfect, past participles,opposites,borrow and lend...
2.-Is very good.
3.-No,because we haven't studied enough.
4.-Speak more in english.
5.- Marina: science ;Julia: leters
6.- Pass the people who have a 4!!!

Miriam Ramírez & Samuel Bayor dijo...

1.Did you learn new things? Which?

We have learned many things as verbs in past, future .. we have learned to speak in English!

2. Did you have a good relationship with the teacher?

If, I have had good relation though me to suspended but we have removed well.

3.Did you study enough English? Why?

Not the sufficient thing for aprovar but though before the examinations I have studied a bit not and pass!

4. Advice to improve the English class?

To do mas Englishman's practical classes not to get bored so much.

5. What are you going to do next year?

The year that comes I am going to be going to 4ºE.S.O but not like to have Englishman.

6. More comments.

I do not have mas commentaries but me gustaria that the Englishman's classes were not so heavy because it is a difficult subject.

Victoria Huertas & Manoli Amores 3º A dijo...

1.Yes,we have learned new things,zero conditional and first conditional
2.Yes we have
3.No we didn't
4.To match in English
5.If we did not repeat we will happen to quarter and we will put by letters
6.Us we have passed it very well!!

victor ramirez y jose ignacio acuña 3ºA dijo...

1. Yes. I have learned many verbs

2. Yes

3. Not. Because some things not the entendia and I was giving myself defeated.

4. Better books and to put mas things in the slate, because speaking in English I do not deal.

5. It will try to go on to quarte rof mathematics and sciences and it.

6.It seems to me that Manuel is a good teacher, explaining and I not and studied the sufficient thing


1.yes.I learn new things.past simple,present simple,past continuos,vocabulary,irregular verbs.
2.we have a very good relation with the teacher.
3.yes,I study enough English.because I like study English
4.to work with the computers,to speak less....
5.I study bachiller.

angel, anabel and rocio 4ºb dijo...

1.-Yes,I learn vocabulary,suggestions,present perfec simple. to,adverbs of frecuency...
2.-Yes,because he is good person.
3.-Yes, because, I am very goog student.
4.-Speak more in english.
5.- I will study Bachillerato of History and Module of shop
6.-The object of English is difficult and complicated

Carmen, Vero, ELi y Maria Garcia 4ºB dijo...

1.Yes,verbs, reported speech, passive voice, culture of England...

2.Yes, in "Isla Mágica" we have a good time

3.Eli says psssss... Vero, Carmen and Maria say yes because yes

4.Speak more in English

5.Vero and María are going to study bachiller and Carmen and Eli are going to study a module

6. Without comments. Happy holidays!